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Luxe Nozzle Set Gold(Brass)

Luxe Nozzle Set Gold(Brass)
Luxe Nozzle Set Gold(Brass)

Luxe NOZZLE  Set

A luxe garden hose is not complete without a nozzle. The nozzle is for the hose what a diamond is for a crown. It makes it perfect. These adjustable nozzles come with connections and fittings that work worldwide.


Garden nozzles can be provided in a lot of different colours, patterns and materials. Which one is your darling?

There are nozzles for every need and taste. Choose the brass or chrome nozzle from our Luxe Series for extra flair. All the nozzles are top quality, made in Sweden. The nozzles offer three settings; soft shower, mist or jet.

All sets come with connectors for efficient irrigation and are compatible with all 1/2” water hoses worldwide. The nozzles come with tap connectors and fittings that work worldwide

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