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You'll go potty with our large selection of pots and planters, suitable for both indoors and outdoors! Find your favourites from our collection of designer planters and pots, and your plant friends will thank you. Whether you need ceramic pots, fibreglass pots, concrete pots, or timber and rattan pots, we’ve got you. Believe us when we say, planters this pretty are guaranteed to plant a smile on your face!

How to choose the right planters and pots

Investing in quality planters instead of the plastic ones most plants come in is so worth it, and not just for their glorious looks! The right pot can help your sprouts thrive. Besides, your gorgeous Fiddle leaf fig or Monstera deserves to be shown off in a planter equally as beaut as itself, right?

Whether you’re a garden rookie or a seasoned plant-enthusiast, these unique yet funky planters and pots are going to take your green oasis/home jungle to the next level. With a range of planters and pots in all styles, shapes, and sizes, our collection has something for every green thumb.

Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots are a good all-around choice, as they are very durable. Porous ceramic pots let air and water move through, stimulating root growth. And root growth means happy, healthy plants! Glazed ceramic pots are waterproof and really let bright and quirky patterns shine.

Fibreglass pots

Fibreglass pots are great for the green thumbs looking for weather resistance! These durable little superstars will keep their colour for a long time and can take both high heat and frosty temperatures. They’re also lightweight and easy to move around, and do we even need to mention, stunning?

Concrete pots

Concrete pots are the minimalist gardener’s best friend, as they’ll hold up their understated glory year after year! Besides, if you’re anything like us, you’re all about that edgy and modern concrete look.

Timber and rattan pots

Timber and rattan pots are the conscious decorator’s favourite; and what’s more, they look great just about anywhere! Top tip: these stunners are perfect for creating your own little Bali-styled Zen garden.

Ready, set, pot…

Ready to pot it like it’s hot? Not that we think you need another excuse, but we swear with planters this pretty… even the less-enthusiastic gardeners will love hanging out with their green babies! And, if you’re looking to add even more zing to your outdoor area, check out our outdoor living collection.

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