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Refill BlackPepperRefill BlackPepper
Refill Garlic SaltRefill Garlic Salt
Refill Herb SaltRefill Herb Salt
Refill Chilli SaltRefill Chilli Salt
Refill Citrus SaltRefill Citrus Salt
Refill Pink SaltRefill Pink Salt

Handy Refills that will allow you to refill your grinder twice.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Please note this is a refill bag only - grinder not included.

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Apart from its good looks (who doesn't love pink salt?) Pink Himalayan Rock Salt has many good qualities.  It comes from the Khewra Salt Mines the salt harvest site for over 800years.  The high concentration of trace minerals which account for the pink tinge can assist in lowering blood pressure.  It can also help with increasing bone strength and lowering blood pressure. 

TIP - 

  • Good for everyday use in all cooking
  • Sprinkle on your food
  • Makes for a great Margarita

Garlic and Onion Salt

Garlic and Onion Salt is a versatile addition to any almost any dish.  A rich full-flavoured mix created by adding garlic and onion granules to a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt.

TIP - 

  • As a sprinkle for stir-fried vegetables
  • Great on pasta 
  • Marinade for your steak
  • Mix with butter for your DIY Garlic Butt


Herb Salt

A blend of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt mixed with dried herbs (Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Parsley and Sage) makes this a versatile additive for a wide variety of foods.

TIP - 

  • Great as a sprinkle on your favourite pasta
  • A delicious rub for your 'Roast of the Day'
  • Up the ante on your eggs (however you like them)
  • Mix with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to dress your salad.

Chilli Salt

If you're true chilli lover this salt is for you!  A blend of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt and birds-eye dried chilli flakes makes this salt HOT! HOT! HOT!  It's really 'packing heat'.

TIP - 

  • The perfect addition to any oriental dishes
  • Great on steak or pasta
  • Chilli Margarita is Dyn-O-Mite

Citrus Salt

Citrus Salt has a zesty vibrant flavour which comes from blending a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt with dried lemon granules.

TIP - 

  • Delicious on seafood and fish dishes
  • Perfect on salads and pasta
  • A Citrus Margarita this time - very cool on a summer's day. 

All salts and salt mixes -

100% natural

No preservative or additives

No artificial flavouring oils

Flavoured directly by dried herbs

PS - Did we tell you we love a good Margarita (or maybe even a bad one)

 Black Peppercorns

Black Peppercorns have a pungent kick and elevate all other spices.  These 'corns' are grown and harvested in Vietnam.  They are then locally dried and sorted before being transported to Australia.



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