Cire Trudon

Looking for the most sought after candles in the world? A delight to the senses, a gift to look upon in their glass-cut jars, and each with a story to tell? Look no further, I give you Cire Trudon. 

Cire Trudon has the long-standing prestige of being the oldest, most sought-after candle maker in the world. The French candlemaker began in 1643, and was the favoured provider of light for King Louis XIV and the court of Versailles during the Sun King’s reign. Surviving the turmoil of 18th and 19th century France, throughout the Age of Revolution, Cire Trudon stands proudly on the foundations of history and exceptional quality.

Trudon candles are made with the finest wax in the world – wax that has been filtered, washed and bleached in sunlight - and their wicks are so pure that they don’t create black smoke. While this was important in the churches and castles of earlier centuries, it’s just as important today! No-body needs a black spluttering candle in their beautiful home.

In fact, it was Cire Trudon’s commitment to providing candles for the royal court as well as gothic and baroque cathedrals that led to its still-in-existence motto – “They work for God and King”. And now they work for us!

Step into this century and Cire Trudon has a uber-stylish cult following – adored for their unparallel quality, their hand-crafted glass jars, and for the delicate scents that have been created by the finest ‘noses’ in the world.

Every Cire Trudon candle comes with a handwritten note, and each candle is inspired by a famous person or place throughout history. The undertones and scents of each candle are telling you a wonderful story, of European history, of a time and place long gone.

Choose the candle and story that calls to you, and take your place in the history of this ultra-luxe candle. 

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