Top 5 Styling Tips for a Stunning Bathroom
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Top 5 Styling Tips for a Stunning Bathroom

Once upon a time, bathrooms were purely functional spaces. We used them for bathing, showering and getting ready for the day. The end. 

Well, that's not much of a story, is it?! Thank goodness those days are behind us! The humble bathroom is now widely recognised as one of the most appealing rooms in our house, and endless thought and design go into creating bathrooms that continually up-the-ante on beauty and aesthetics. 

Whether your bathroom is new or somewhat older, the addition of a few simple styling touches can make an instantaneous difference to the room's look and feel. 

Not sure what we mean? Why not try a few of these styling tips?


Colourful Bathmats Sunday Society
  • Throw down a fun and colourful bathmat! Sure, a bathmat serves the practical purpose of absorbing water from our feet and keeping those tiles dry, but it is SO much more than that! A bathmat injects instant personality into a room, and a larger bathmat/rug provides a central and stunning focal point. If your bathroom is an awkward shape, we suggest you place two smaller bathmats in the room -  for example, one in front of the shower and the other at the basin. If you're looking for some inspiration, we have a stunning range of colourful and personality-filled bathmats that literally fly out the door the moment we receive them!
Greenery and plants on stand. Sunday Society

  • Go green! Plants bring greenery and freshness to a bathroom, giving it a spa-like feel. When choosing a plant for your bathroom, it's important to choose one that will not only survive but thrive in a humid and often low-light environment. Our top plant pick is a Bird's Nest Fern, which looks perfect on a bench-top and looks stunning in a hanging planter. However, if you seriously doubt your ability to keep a plant alive in your bathroom (or anywhere ), go faux, baby! A faux plant adds the same element of beauty to the room without the headache that comes with keeping it alive, and a good quality faux plant is indistinguishable from the real deal. #winwin!
 bekhalliday - arcus arch wall mirror
Our Arcus Arch Mirror as styled by @bekhalliday

    • Update your mirror! A mirror not only bounces light around the room; it also brings a thoughtful design element to your space. Gone are the days of a large piece of reflective glass on the wall; instead, today's mirrors are treated almost like pieces of art. Current styling is embracing arches, circular mirrors, rounded edges, hidden lighting, and brass frames, to name a few. 

    Gold Gingko Wall Sconce Sunday Society

    • Lighten up! The options are endless when it comes to bathroom lighting. With a little creativity and perhaps a little styling help, you can create a room that feels even more luxurious while remaining practical. Why not consider a hanging pendant light above the bath, wall sconces beside the vanity, or backlit mirrors? Or harness the sun's natural light, and add an architectural element to the room with a skylight.

     bathroom fragrances - reed diffuser and candles

    • Adding luxury through the little extras. A beautiful candle, diffusers, and stylish soaps are visually appealing and add a touch of perfume to the air. For a little extra spoiling, you (and your guests!) deserve a luxurious hand cream that complements your soap. #youdeservebeautifulthings

    For more tips and tricks on styling your bathroom (or to gush over our beautiful range of products), pop in-store and chat with our fabulous team, or jump online and shop from the comfort of home. 

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