That 70's Revival - styling your home with our fave 70s-inspired picks!
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That 70's Revival - styling your home with our fave 70s-inspired picks!

Rattan, terrazzo, bold splashes of colour, and shaggy carpet.

We know what you’re thinking. That’s the 70’s baby!

While not all elements of the 70s are back in vogue (dear God, not the mullet), some have shimmied their way back into our homes, and we love it!

The design trends of the 1970s were in stark contrast to the pared-back minimalism of the mid-century. At a time of massive social and political upheaval, interior design began to reflect a bold new direction. Disco reigned supreme, and if you were uber-cool, you had a pair of roller skates on your feet while you boogied the night away.

It was an era of war and protests, bell bottoms, shaggy hair and 8-track cassettes. It was stretching the phone cord as far as it would go, down halls and around corners, to gossip quietly with your friends.

It was the Carpenters, ABBA, and Piña coladas. It was wall to wall shag carpet, sunken living rooms, and warm earthy tones. It was all about that chilled-out, laid-back vibe.

Self-expression became de rigueur, and we incorporated bold and colourful patterns into our interiors. It was vibrant, loud, and transformative.

And it’s having a beautiful psychedelic revival. Far out, man, can you dig it?!

We’ve selected a few of the best elements of the 70s to help you seamlessly incorporate that 70s revival into your own space. So read on, my friends!


70s styling


  • Rattan. Elegant and warm, this trend is reminiscent of the 70s when bamboo, cane and rattan were used in abundance. We’re a tad more restrained in its use this time around and are loving the new and sophisticated take on this material. 
  • Plant life. The 70s saw a reconnection with nature and all things green. Several years ago, the popularity of indoor plants soared, and it’s safe to say it’s a design element that’s here to stay. In any room, a plant or cluster of plants adds a burst of freshness and greenery, and when paired with the right pot, make a real impact. For those smaller spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen benches, a small textured pot or our ever-popular face vases are an attractive way to showcase a trailing plant. In larger areas, a plant and giant statement pot is a winning combination. 


  • Shag baby! Think wall-to-wall pink shag-carpeted bathrooms with matching toilet seat covers. Aaand then *erase* that thought from your mind! This time around, we’re loving a less over-the-top commitment to shag. Our ever-popular shag bathmats have been flying off the shelves recently, and it’s easy to see why. With bursts of colour and personality, they’re a nod to the retro cool of the 70s and co-exist beautifully with the restrained and retreat-like elegance of today’s bathrooms.

    • Slim Aarons. For a glimpse into the glamour of past decades - where stylish people lounged poolside, 11 am cocktails in hand in the playgrounds of the rich and famous - you can’t go past an original Slim Aarons print. Vintage sophistication at its best, our Slim Aarons prints have been sourced from the original negatives at Getty Images Gallery, London. All photographs are printed and authorised by Getty Images Gallery, London. 

    • Bar carts. It’s always cocktail hour somewhere in the world (right?). While drinks of choice may have changed a little over the years (we still love you, piña colada), there’s been a recent resurgence in the popularity of the home bar that become popular in the 70s. The bar cart is the perfect alternative to a home bar, instantly adding sophistication to an empty corner and allowing you to display all your stunning glassware and cocktail making tools-of-the-trade.

    • Wall hangings. Macramé, jute, beading and tassels add warmth and interest to a bare wall. Once called wall tapestries, these pieces of retro wall art have become groovy all over again in recent years. Add a burst of mustard and terracotta into an otherwise natural palette, and you’re hitting the high notes of the 70s all over again. 

      • Colour! Flower power didn’t disappear with the end of the 60’s but instead carried forward where it embedded itself into the style code of the following decade. Mercifully, floral couches have continued to lay low this time around (sorry floral couch lovers); however, we’ve enthusiastically embraced the use of bright bursts of colour in wall décor, cushions, and bathroom mats. Reminiscent of those carefree and colourful days, try a burst of colour in your home for a dose of 70s love. 

        If you need any help bringing that groovy 70s feeling into your home, pop into our store and have a chat, or jump online and have a browse. But most of all, have fun with it! 

        Peace out man x

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