Our Top 3 Suggestions for Choosing the Right Rug
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Our Top 3 Suggestions for Choosing the Right Rug

Hands up if you've ever stood in the middle of a room wondering what was missing? You've found the perfect sofa, styled it up with plants, side tables and additional decor, and you still feel like something isn't quite right?
In all likelihood it's your rug. Or lack of rug.
Having the right rug for your lounge room is critical in balancing the overall feel of the room. Too big or too small and you lose that balance. Pick the wrong shape and you miss the mark. 

Confused? Don't be! We've got your back. Read on my friends.


Why does shape matter when choosing a rug? These days rugs come in just about any shape you could possibly want - round, rectangular, long, square and more recently the super popular oval shape (which, by the way, we're a tiny bit in love with).

Terracotta Oval Rug

So how do you choose the right shaped rug for your room? Not only is your decision driven by your own sense of style, but it should also be driven by the shape of the room. And even the shape of other furniture in the room. For example, a round dining table looks best with a rug that mimics its round shape. Simple, stylish perfection. 
Park Lane Round Rug Blue


Rugs also define one space from another and can be used as a great sectioning tool. They anchor a room, clearly defining its borders and creating a sense of purpose driven space. This can be especially useful if you have a large open space with multiple areas, such as lounge room, dining room, reading nook, and kitchen.

Palm Beach Natural Rug

Which leads to our next point...

Size Matters 

Yep, you heard us right... size DOES matter! Size is critical in choosing the right rug. And if in doubt, go bigger. Our clients often underestimate the space within their room and can feel disappointed when finding themselves with a too-small rug.

Moroccan Grey Rug

Choosing a rug thats not large enough can make the room feel smaller, so instead, measure generously and let your rug ground the space you're in.
As a general rule of thumb, let your sofa sit on top of your rug and you'll see a massive difference in the feel of your room. Rug styling 101, you're welcome!
Another little tip, when choosing a rug for your dining space, make sure you allow for the chairs to fit comfortably on the rug as well. Nobody wants that half-on/half-off wobbly feeling throughout dinner!


Lastly, consider what material suits your household best. A house with children and pets might be better off with a hardier material like jute and cotton.
Jute Round rug
There are even some fab indoor/outdoor and washable options available. Yes, we're looking at you muddy football boots. 

Patio Natural Outdoor Rug

More delicate fibres are a beautiful choice for bedrooms and areas that don't get quite as much foot traffic. These spaces don't require their rugs to be as durable as a high traffic lounge area, and can afford to be a little more precious.
Autumn round rug
Rugs can be the star of the show or the base for your space. If you have kids that love to lie about (and by 'kids' I mean everyone!), a rug that's soft underfoot will be an adored addition to your lounge room. Just beware of those tiny bits of lego that like to hide out in the shag pile! 
Luxe White Rug