How to Create a Magazine Worthy Bedroom
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How to Create a Magazine Worthy Bedroom

"Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world"
 - Napolean Bonaparte - 

Sleep. That most precious and occasionally elusive gift, of which we can never really have enough. Sleep is critically important for our health, for healing and recovery, for our growing children, and our weary minds. It's absolutely necessary and completely unavoidable. In fact, the average person spends some 26 years of their lives sleeping. And presumably shaking the world in the other 60 odd years. 

Creating a bedroom space that allows your mind to switch off and your body to rest is an essential ingredient in the recipe for good quality sleep. While that may seem tricky, it doesn't have to be. 

Here are some of our top tips for creating a peaceful (and magazine-worthy!) bedroom space. So you can have That Sunday Feeling every day.

bed with white cover and cushions

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with are often a very personal decision. They may evoke particular feelings for you, they may match existing decor, or you might simply be drawn to them. When it comes to choosing a colour palette there's no right or wrong choice, and your options are virtually limitless.

If you're having trouble choosing your bedroom colours, here are a few things to keep in mind:

- Draw colour inspiration from your surroundings, for example, from a statement artwork or a gorgeous rug. Pick a colour that ties in with the central piece in your room. 
- Choose a selection of colours (a colour palette) and then add those colours to your space in varying textures and patterns. For example, choose a cushion in a plain block pattern with a woven texture, and pair it with a patterned cushion within your colour palette. 

Pro-Tip: Looking for a colour that inspires a resort-like feel in the home? Add a little green! 
Well known for its calming effect, and coincidentally one of our favourite colours to style with, green is a gorgeous accent colour for your bedroom. A few green cushions, in varying shades, on your bed might be just the infusion of calm your busy mind needs.

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to bedroom styling. This can apply to your styling choices, but can also mean keeping your space clutter-free and organised.

A well-thought-out bedroom has several benefits:

  • An organised space increases motivation and boosts those "let's do this" vibes!
  • A clean space allows you to begin your day the right way - refreshed and clear of mind
  • A 'space with a place for everything' saves time and limits frustration (we all know how we feel when we just can't find that *shoe/earring/sock/skirt* and need to race out the door)
  • When you keep the base colour of your bedroom styling simple it allows you to make colour changes as the mood strikes you. New cushions anyone?!
Taking the time to give your bedroom a good declutter can also:
  • Motivate you - out with the old, in with the new!
  • Improve your quality of sleep - a cluttered space discourages peace
  • Help you feel more refreshed, improving your start to the day  
  • Save time that you would have spent looking for things!
  • Reduce your stress, and
  • Increase your productivity
Pro Tip: choose a bedside table with a drawer or shelf to pop away your book, glasses, or phone. They can also hide unsightly charging cords, making your space feel more organised in a matter of seconds! 

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Bed with cushions on it
If you've been into our Brisbane store you'll know we adore cushions, so it may surprise you to hear us say that 'more' is not always the best choice.

If you're new to bed styling we suggest you begin with three cushions. Choose two large (60cm x 60cm) and then feature a gorgeous square or oblong cushion at the front. You can always add more when you feel inspired or if you stumble across a cushion you just can't live without! Or switch them around whenever you feel like a styling change of scenery. Who's to say you can't have a second set tucked away in the cupboard for changes of season or simply changes of mood?

Pro-Tip: Feather inserts are our go-to every time. They make the world of difference when it comes to creating a luxe, plush and heavenly bed!
Colourful bed with cushions
  • There's no right or wrong when styling YOUR bedroom!
  • It's okay to go against the grain - express yourself!
  • Remember, your bedroom is a place for sleep. Make sure it feels restful to you
  • For some, a restful space is all about neutrals, while for others it's bursts of bold colour
  • Play with colour - choose a few complementary colours to work with
  • Don't be afraid to clash your colours and prints, if that's what you're drawn to
  • Be brave with textures. Mix them up!
Pro Tip: It's not just about being magazine-worthy. Your bedroom is all about you, your style, your sleep, your haven. If you love it, you've NAILED IT!
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