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Dip + Sip Gift Pack


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Dip + Sip Gift Pack

Doesn't everyone crave soaking in a heavenly warm bath, sipping on their favourite tipple? You know, just like the movies.  Here's your chance.  This pack could be just the thing you (or your special friend or partner) need.  This is the business.  

Delivered to you (or your giftee) beautifully packaged to enhance the experience.




Who knew that something with such a tender scent could soothe muscle aches and joint pain?  The handcrafted combination of mineral salts, Vitamin E and fragrance oil is also a gentle stress reliever.

Violet and Yarrow Bath Soak is a combination of powdery florals livened by leafy greens grounded with the sweet, woody balm of patchouli

Plenty of stress relief in this generous 739ml bottle.



Ink Gin is the original, patented, butterfly pea gin, and is one of Australia’s best selling and best-loved craft gins. It is a premium dry gin made with 13 organic botanicals, including a mix of traditional and Australian natives.

Now for the scientific part. Remember high school chemistry? Butterfly pea flowers are highly sensitive to pH.  When the floral-infused Ink Gin is mixed with something of low pH (including gin's best friends; tonic water, lime or lemon), the colour changes dramatically from blue to blush pink.

Not magic – just science.  As well as contributing to Ink’s curious colour-changing properties, the delicate obscuration of the floral ink makes for smooth drinking.

Note: Organic colours don’t last forever. The colour of Ink Gin will start fading over time, and will fade faster when exposed to direct sunlight.




  • Well, that name says it all.  On the Rocks!!

    If you're a cocktail lover (who isn'? - we are) then this is the perfect glass for you.  An added bonus of a set of two so you don't need to enjoy that bevy alone.  Or perfect for gifting with your favourite mixer.

    Fits a generous cocktail - 280ml 

    Fantastic for Margaritas, Sours, G&T's, cocktails of any picking! 

    Cut Glass

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